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Thread: Lay low, just between you and me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geecheeriverambler View Post
    So you are not coming to get my corn cobs then?
    At this time no but after the spike, 2nd wave, 3rd wave happens get back to me. But I also have one heck of a stash of pine cones(what real men use when country facing serous pandemic driven toilet paper shortage)

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    Yesterday the wife was the most upbeat she has been in two months(other than Sunday, when she had 7 birdie putts), shopping at the mall, she found a Michael Korrs dress for 12.00, two beautiful blazers for 30.00 a peace. Wife, while not as blunt as Garns, refuses to buy into the “new” normal. She detests that saying as much as I do.


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